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About Us

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

Free All Mind's mission is to provide youth with the tools they need to excel academically, athletically, professionally, and emotionally through mentorship in a family environment with various workshops teaching academics, life skills, sports training,
career exposure, and more.

We envision a future where every youth has a safe and supportive environment to learn, play, and grow. Our future goal is to open F.A.M community centers across the globe to help youth reach their full potential academically, athletically, professionally, and emotionally.


24-year-old Riccardo Dale started free All Minds Non-Profit while he was a sophomore in college. Growing up, Riccardo’s father was absent, and his mother struggled with addiction. He faced abuse, the loss of loved ones and struggled academically. He was going down the wrong path but was able to turn things around with the help of numerous mentors like his basketball coach Seigha Omuso and the Pettis's (a family that allowed him to live with them). They exposed him to opportunities that would change his life forever. While turning his life around, he began to think about all the kids just like him who never truly got an opportunity to better education or a better life. He realized how much mentorship can change someone's life regardless of the current path they are on. He wanted to become that person he needed all his life. He started volunteering with local nonprofits and has been mentoring students ever since. He decided to start his own non-profit to give underrepresented youth exposure to different career fields, teach life skills, sports and give kids a safe place that felt like home with people they could depend on.F.A.M Academy received generous donations from Ric Edelman, Jean Edelman, and Virginia Smith to start the F.A.M Academy. 

Our Story

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Meet The Team

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